TS e-challans discount from March 1st

The Telangana police have offered a one-time opportunity to clear unpaid traffic violation challans, which is a huge relief for vehicle owners and RTC drivers. As on Ts e-challan portal, pay 25% fine on 2 & 3 wheeler vehicles, 30% on RTC vehicles, and 50% on 4 & Heavy wheeler vehicles. This facility available up to 31-Mar-2022

A staggering 1,750 crores remain uncollected as penalties for more than six crore traffic challans issued by all police units across the state.

The new ‘offer’ will be available beginning March 1 and will last the entire month. “We received in-principle approval from the State government to provide people with relief by offering discounts on pending challans,” said a senior IPS officer. As a result, the e-challan online interface is being redesigned with new options to take advantage of one-time discounts, he said, urging people to take advantage of the opportunity.

Another officer explained the ‘discount formula’ that will be implemented in Telangana on March 1 by offering a whopping 75 percent discount on the outstanding amount for two and three-wheelers and 50 percent for Light Motor Vehicles and Heavy Motor Vehicles. A large number of challans are issued for not wearing helmets or driving too fast.
For example, if a bike has a total of 10,000 penalties for various traffic violations, the motorist must pay only 2,500 and ride for free. The discount includes ₹35 service charges on each challan. A service charge of ₹15 on each challan will be paid to the Postal Department, and the remainder will be settled internally.

70% for buses

Even TSRTC bus drivers, who have been slapped with thousands of traffic violation challans, can breathe a sigh of relief because the new offer gives them a steep discount of 70% on the outstanding amount and requires them to pay only 30%. The state government anticipates a large windfall, with a target realization of between 500 and 700 crores in the exchequer.

Another offer

Another appealing offer is a 90 percent discount on challans raised due to the failure to wear face masks during the pandemic. The penalty for failing to wear or properly wearing a face mask is ₹1,000. In this segment, we are offering a 90% discount. Citizens can pay only ₹100 to get rid of the challans, said the officer. In addition, the police are offering an 80% discount on challans issued for pushcarts.

He stated that, while the practice of issuing e-challans was criticized by a large segment of society because the fines were beyond their ability to pay, it was never about raising revenue. The concept was introduced for citizen safety, and it will be maintained. Because the pandemic has pushed many people into a financial crisis, this is our attempt to alleviate their burden and allow them to start over, the officer explained.

check the link: https://echallan.tspolice.gov.in/publicview/

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