Bacoor and TomoChain: Blockchain Mass Adoption

Blockchain is incredibly popular nowadays. As the name indicates, a blockchain is a chain of blocks that contains information. 

TomoChain has launched Pantograph, the first-ever browser extension. A strategic partnership between Baccor Inc., the enterprise behind Pantograph, and TomoChain provides further acceleration and strength as a whole for TomoChain’s environment. The two parties have broadened the concept of Token Economy, where blockchain can make things easier in everyday life. 

Thus, both teams have put amazing efforts into solid product integrations, exceptional support for technology development, and market expansion, Bacoorhas supported all aspects of TomoChain’s high-performance blockchain infrastructure to develop Pantograph to drive crypto mass adoption. Pantograph operates as a regular application without blockchain knowledge. User has full control over their accounts and can send receive and manage $TOMO tokens, and NFTs freely on the TomoChain network. Now Users can send tokenized assets via a link to anyone without sharing their address. Pantograph, an all-in-one app is available in Chrome, Firefox extension, and also on IOS and Android mobile applications. Some of the features:

  • Panto Chat: Chat with anyone and send assets through chat by simply scanning a QR code
  • Panto Community:  Without costing any fees, host a community and tip active followers with $TOMO or tokens.
  • Phantogram: Earn by posting on Instagram photos.
  • Panto NFT: Create your digital cards with customized attributes and digitize your unique assets such as collectibles, event tickets, domain names, digital art, etc.
  • Panto Gift: A point package to be used for different purposes.

In General, Bacoor has taken a big decision to build Pantograph on TomoChain because the company identifies market opportunities on TomoChain and our great potential. In their previous project, Bacoor built expertise on Ethereum but there were gaps but TomoChain is faster, low-cost, and geared for mass use. A wide range of advanced protocols like Tomo Z, Tomo Issuers, Tomo X, Tomo Relayers, and upcoming products like TomoP is comprehensively arrayed into the Pantograph wallet. Bacoor will release a new blockchain application with a more exciting feature in the months ahead and brings Tomochain blockchain to the next level.  

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